Grass to Grace story of Olajumoke Orisaguna

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Talk about lucky, or maybe just a blessing!!!People say fairytale are just for kids, but when they happen in real life, everyone feels the magic. Olajumoke Orisaguna was a 27-year old bread vendor who happened across a photo shoot by a popular Nigerian photographer. After photo bombing the photo shoot, which just happened to be for popular rapper Tinie Tempah, she was noticed immediately on social media. The social media catapulted her to stardom, creating a modeling career that was completely unexpected.

In her words..”I never expected this would ever happen to me” I can never be tired at all; in fact nothing can make me stop sharing my success story. I’m not sharing it to my advantage or to downcast anyone, no. I’m sharing it to inspire someone; so forget about getting tired. This is a success story for crying out loud, it’s not a crime story or a tragedy story, it’s a success story, my success story:

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