(MUST READ) Women of the Ayo-Kessington Dynasty Volume 1: Anjola’s Diary

You are currently viewing (MUST READ) Women of the Ayo-Kessington Dynasty Volume 1: Anjola’s Diary

The novel is the first series in a Trilogy. It chronicles the journey of Anjola Ayo-Kessington. Your average girl next door whose life suddenly changes when she finds herself married to an older man from a prestigious and powerful family. She is forced to give up her personal ambitions to fit into her husband’s family’s ideology of who an Ayo-Kessington wife should be.

Anjola slowly begins to lose herself in her very predictable life as wife and mother, until her ex-lover resurfaces. Her world is suddenly thrown into a dramatic chaos that leads her to uncovering the truth behind her entrance into the Ayo-Kessington family, her friendships and even her real identity.

Anjola soon discovers that what she had considered to be a journey towards finding true love is actually a journey towards finding herself.

Will Anjola choose true love, limitless wealth, or herself?

It’s funny how people believe a thirty year old woman is still young. A thirty year old woman has not really ‘seen’ anything. She still has a lot to learn. She still has to grow up, develop herself and become her own woman. I have experienced several lifetimes and I am just thirty. I have grown. I have delved into my psyche and been reborn. The ups and downs. The joy and sorrow. The tears and laughter.

Being a part of the Ayo-Kessington dynasty is not a small thing oh. My eyes have seen and my ears have truly heard. This is a story of how I grew from a young twenty something year old Anjola Adekoya, your average girl next door with hardly any cares in the world to Mrs. Anjola Ayo-Kessington – the woman who won and lost so many battles, yet lived to fight another day.

Turn the pages and follow me on this incredible journey…my journey.

– Anjola Ayo-Kessington.



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Layemi Olusoga is a professional, a writer and an advocate for gender parity. Her writing focuses on the journey of women in living, loving and learning. She is the author of fictional works including the Women of the Ayo-Kessington trilogy and Bourdillon Nights.


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