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The 21st century woman is more concerned with breaking new frontiers and changing the status-quo of a male-dominated industry. We have compiled some useful tips for female leaders:

Step out of your comfort zone: leaving your comfort zone is a good way to start, when starting a business you will need to network and share your brand.

Unpack your fears then conquer them: fear is consistently one of the biggest challenges women say they face in the workplace. These fears, whether it’s about being taken seriously, being inadequate or balancing work and family, often lead to a lack of confidence.

Believe in yourself and your career: taking risks in your business or career can be intimidating since there is no guarantee of success. However, if you aren’t willing to push yourself, whether it’s in a corporate setting or as an entrepreneur, you’ll never get off the ground.

Act as if equality is a reality: many women have felt the effects of the gender gap during their careers, whether it was a pay dispute, a lost promotion or just a snide comment from a co-worker. Even if your work environment champions equality, you probably know people who have faced some kind of discrimination, subtle or not, because of their gender.

It’s difficult to think this way when cases of gender inequality are talked about in the news and on social media every day, but if women want to be viewed as equal in the workplace, they must stand their ground and demand the respect they deserve — and it starts by behaving as if the gap has been closed.


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