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BANGKOK, THAILAND - NOVEMBER 28, 2016: Group of Popular Social networks icons showing on Apple iPhone 6s screen with laptop and blank notebook on pink background, Social media are most popular tool for communication.

Instagram has about 700 million users, and it has also positioned itself as a business marketing tool. Many people have set up businesses on Instagram and have created a customer base of thousands of followers/customers. Instagram is currently the number one online marketing platform for businesses. Here are some tips on how you can leverage Instagram to grow your brand.

  1. Learn how to use Instagram for business by visiting the Instagram blog, which teaches businesses how to leverage the platform.
  2. Make use of sharp and clear pictures and videos to sell your brand. Videos get more traction and views than pictures. People love to watch videos.
  3. Build on your followers by using hashtags, following people who will follow you back and commenting on other people’s posts.
  4. Connect your Instagram to all your social media platforms and your blog or website.
  5. Follow people back, I have observed that people will follow and un-follow you because they feel that having more followers gives your business leverage, I can assure you it does not.
  6. Have a flexible posting plan, I will advise that you post every day, you can post at least one thing a day, so as not to saturate your followers feed. Posting three to four times a day, could turn your followers off.
  7. Only post what is relevant to your brand, please.
  8. You can make use of filters occasionally.
  9. Try to have the occasional sales, by leveraging on trends, seasons and holidays.
  10. If you have several businesses that do not relate, have an Instagram page for each of them. Also separate your business page from your personal page.

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