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The intention of every business owner is to build a sustainable brand, this includes the name, logo, colour, website, marketing strategy, business location and so on. There are three things to consider when you are building a brand: clarity, consistency and constancy. This involves building a clear message that is always the same.

Naming your business

Your business’s name will, naturally, be a core component of your brand identity. What do people think of when they hear your business’s name? Is it your product or services, your industry, your ethics? The way to ensure you start with a name that will be conducive to your branding effort is to consider what story you want to tell. Then, consider the name of your business the title of that story.

Graphic design

Design is a major component of building a brand identity. Logo, imagery, color schemes and so on should all reinforce your brand’s story and be consistent (the second C) across each visual component.

Disseminating your brand identity

Once you’ve developed your brand identity, you’ve still got to get the word out. Good marketers leverage a number of channels to do so, connecting with people in person and online, organically and in a targeted way all at once. A diversification of tactics is essential to branding success.

This is where the third C, constancy, comes in. Regular appearances of your brand in your audiences’ circles – whether that’s social media, in print, in person or on your website – will reinforce the brand identity you’ve cultivated. Here are some ways to spread the word.

Marketing and outreach

Odds are you have a pretty good idea of which market segments you’re targeting. Consider your target audience and go to where they are; don’t just wait for them to come to you. For brick-and-mortar businesses, gaining a face-to-face foothold in the locality is crucial, and one important way to do this is by attending local networking events.

Search engine optimization

SEO refers to the act of boosting a website’s appearance in search engine results based on certain keywords. Often, this is done through native blogging on a website. This helps grow what is known as “organic” traffic; that is, potential leads that find your company through searching about a general product, service or how to solve a problem. By developing intelligent, accurate and engaging content related to your industry, you will be able to boost your search rankings and begin to draw in more leads without paid advertising.

Social media

Social media is a good way to humanize your brand and engage your target audience. Consider the story you’ve been telling and develop a social media voice consistent with that message. Always stick to that consistent branded story, and remember that frequent engagement – not spamming advertisements – cultivates the best brand relationships.

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