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No doubt, it has been a stressful week for everyone from juggling work, to stocking up on regular supplies, to lifestyle adjustments, keeping family members calm and much more.

At a time as sensitive as this, it is important that we share love, stay properly informed, take measures to stay safe and remain calm. The Covid-19 pandemic will no doubt have short & long term impact as we enter a new reality both as individuals and as a nation. The news is buzzing with the spread of the virus and resultant effects such as the drop in oil prices, shut down of schools, panic shopping and ban of social gatherings with more than 50 persons. In time, the effects may become even more daunting.

We have put together a few tips, to help you stay sane through the pandemic:

  1. Maintain a High Level of Hygiene: Wash hands thoroughly will soap and water and carry around an alcohol-based sanitizer.
  2. Stock up the House: This is the time to stock up on regular supplies like rice, groceries, protein and other major food items.
  3. Be more prudent with spending: No one really knows how long more this crisis will last, so it will be wise to save more and spend less from now on.
  4. Practice Social distancing: Avoid crowded places, parties, events and keep at least a 6ft distance from any individual you do not know

While many people face high risk from the virus, a majority of us will only have to deal with major life changes. At times like this, keeping perspective on our own situation & extending our help & empathy to those who really need it is crucial.

Above all, stay calm, stay safe & communicate right!


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