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As an entrepreneur, growing your business can be challenging in terms of finance and access to market.

Here are three practical ways to grow your small scale business

  1. Social Media: this is a great way to grow your business from a scratch. Social media is a powerful tool to promote your business to potential customers ,identify keywords and trends that appeal to your target market and so improve your customer service. This platform enables you showcase your business, build your business profile and attract new customers. There are diverse social media platforms, pick one or all and grow your business. Instagram and Facebook are two social media apps that is good for growing business. When Instagram, endeavor to use catchy captions, hashtags and your work should be appealing to the eyes. You could also reach a wider audience with specific demography by promoting your business.
  • Attend networking events:

Networking allows you to build connection with other entrepreneurs. Invest time to build your networks – it’s not what you know but who you know.

With networking, you to build relationships with other people and encourage them to refer customers to you through word of mouth.

  • Offer great customer service:

Aim to please your customers at all cost and ensure your customer service is exceptional. When you go extra miles for your customers, they will also be more likely to refer other people to you.


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